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AYSHASALEEM   -   2011-12-29
"I Wanted To Go From Deira To Bur Dubai, I Was Waiting To Stop A Taxi For 1 Hour And At Last A Taxi Showed Up. My Sister Sat In The Taxi With Her 7 Month Old Son. When I Was Putting The Trolley, The Driver Drove The Car With Doors Open... The Driver Was Being So Rude. Then I Took The Taxi's Number And I Called The RTA Customer Service. They Were Very Helpful And I Got Response After 3 Days. The Driver Got The Fine And A Last Warning. The RTA Is Very Very Very Good. Good Customer Service"

Hassan   -   2010-02-10
"Dubai's Taxi are far the worst I have ever seen ... They are rude and they only take you if u are going their way ... I work in MOE and its crazy to get a taxi to take me because my house is 10mints away so the fare isn't much and as a woman waiting at night alone they still dont bother ... I have been in taxis where they have stopped and kicked me out because they were forced to take me "

Sara   -   2009-10-05
"Well, I have been using these taxis quite alot, and to be honest they are Ok. Always book them through the reservation center otherwise they never stop on the road. If you are lucky enough to get one to stop, they are likely to say no, and they wont want to go anywhere. So if you do manage to stop one, sit sit inside and shut the door and then tell them your destination, as you are already in the taxi. Good Luck."

Fahed   -   2009-06-09
"Dubai taxis are the most frequently used taxi service in Dubai. They are government owned, and fall under government precedents and standards. They are generally on time, if not slightly early, and drop call you when outside. Trying to call a taxi during the weekend, and especially on a Thursday night is a NIGHTMARE. You can try 30+ times, and not get through, and then wait on hold for another 10 minutes, only to be told that there are no taxis available. I tend to drive, valet my car and pick it up in the morning. "