Since walking is one of the easiest ways to lose weight with exercise, more people should try to extend their daily walking time. However, how far is enough? For many people, walking one hour a day will be best for them to lose weight and gain the full benefits of this low impact exercise.

So why is one hour a big deal? You can burn hundreds of calories with an exercise that frankly doesn’t feel like exercise. And you can almost effortlessly lose a pound of weight every two weeks. There are also a number of other benefits that come with walking for an hour each day.

Why You Should Be Walking an Hour Every Day

1). Easily Lose Weight

There is no other exercise that can allow you to lose weight as easily as walking every day. When you walk for an hour, at a moderate walking pace, you can lose your weight in calories each day. For instance, if you weigh 160 pounds, then you can burn 160 calories by walking one hour, at a moderate pace, each day.

2). Improve Your Mental Health

People often overlook their mental health. That can include everything from everyday stress to feeling of depression of lack of enthusiasm for everyday life. Walking has an amazing ability to improve your mental state because the low impact exercise improves blood circulation to the brain. This allows your brain to be better nourished and to function at a higher level.

3). Improve Your Blood Circulation

As stated previously, walking can allow you to improve your blood circulation. This is important for your vital organs such as you brain and your heart. With better blood circulation, your body will feel more stimulated and you will be in a better mood to engage in more physical and mental activities.

4). Increase Your Lower Body Strength

Most people tend to overlook their lower body in order to concentrate on having big strong arms, a flat stomach and a big chest. However, your lower body strength is critical to ensuring that you stay mobile throughout your lifetime.

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