What is Hair Filler?

Filler hair technology is one of the latest modern medical techniques used by a large number of women recently. A hair filler is a mixture of natural substances and vitamins that are injected by the hair, and once it is unique to the hair it helps to stimulate the microcirculation within the scalp, and then activate and strengthen the hair follicles. Hair Filler is derived from the verb Fill, which means filling, and filler is the filler material injected by the scalp to treat all of its problems including the problem of baldness and hair light and weak, and the problem of hair loss and shelling and dryness.

Features hair filler

One of the main features of hair filler is that it has a long effect, and when the hair is improved it germinates automatically and you do not need to reuse it again. Filler also prevents hair from breaking or losing hair because it is rich in vitamins that improve hair strands. It is also an important remedy for hair thinning and weakness. A special feature of the hair filler is that it does not interfere with dyed hair and that the hair is processed naturally without resorting to changing the hair color. Most importantly, fillings prevent you from using any hairdressers, such as protein and keratin, which have negative effects on healthy hair growth.

Ingredients of Hair Filler

Hyaluronic acid: This acid is a medicinal substance used in several techniques for cosmetic procedures, including the process of supplying lips, and blowing cheeks. This substance is a natural substance found in the components of skin cells. When used to inject the scalp, it removes the moisture and softness of the hair, because it retains very large amounts of water, which in turn moisturizes the hair and work to give it vitality and shine in order to obtain a very fine hair beautiful.

Argan oil: Argan oil is among the ingredients of hair filler It works to moisturize hair in a natural and effective way, and also provides hair vitamins that work to nourish and strengthen the follicles.

Xanthaline: This compound is also one of the basics of fillers, which in turn tightens hair fibers and works to remove natural wrinkles and tangles, while giving it sufficient flexibility to allow it to resist breakage and damage.

Keratin Complex: While keratin is known as one of the most important natural compounds in hair, it is used within the components of hair filler in order to protect the hair and envelope from the effects of other treatment methods. The keratin complex works to increase the strength and moisture of the hair and to treat fragility and fall.


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