In 2018 we saw many fascinating advances in the world of social media. However, with 2018 come and gone we’re now left to query just what new trends we’ll be able to anticipate from 2019. A few of the highlights of 2018 came as we realized the full influence of Facebook on the growth of social media. By examining these earlier innovations, we can start to get a glimpse of what may be in store for the future of social media. Below are the top trends that transpired in the year 2018 and 2019:

2018 and 2019 trends

Rise of private groups and accounts

Facebook has been reported to have more than one billion users all over the world, and many internet users like this platform due to the fantastic features it possesses. And to further improve the platform, the company has invested in new features into Facebook Groups. For instance, they are being able to engage as a corporate page, updating with news, loading live videos within the group, and making social learning units. This invention took place last year to allow brands to connect directly with their followers without the design affecting their posts. The algorithm has not only been used to get quick information about products but as well as a new engagement device.

Conversational commerce

In the year 2017 and 2018, Facebook introduced chatbot, a new feature that saw numerous companies rush to create message chatbots. The companies were now able to install Facebook messenger on their sites. Sprout also developed a bot builder software that makes it simple for brands to update Chatbots.

Transparency wins

Over the past years, Hacking and data exposure are the leading cases that have been on the high-rise on numerous social media platforms. For instance, Facebook has, for a long time, been a victim of a breach of privacy and data sharing. And Twitter users, on the other hand, have reported being harassed and humiliated in their accounts. To handle all these issues, GDPR was introduced in 2018. This meant that many organizations were watching over how their customers’ information was used.

New social media networks

Facebook for almost a decade now has been leading as the top social media platforms. With a stock price of US$177.10, Facebook is reported to be making huge profits every year. However, the year 2018 saw the company lost its benefits and value by a wide margin of $119 billion due to a breach of privacy and data scandal. This prompted NAACP to tell internet users to boycott the platform.

Analytics dashboards become more critical.

The assessment of an extraordinary analytics dashboard should not be neglected. Despite the fact, each system having its local analytics, no social media manager dreams of spending his/her time collecting data and manually inserting it into a spreadsheet every day. Social media owners are planning to build a tool that synchronizes most of your data for you and outputs a chart that will take you to the C-Suite.


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