A cyber-attack is an assault launched through manner of method of cybercriminals using one or greater computer systems in opposition to an unmarried or a couple of computer systems or networks. A cyber-attack can maliciously disable computer systems, thieve data, or use a breached computer as a release factor for different attacks. Can you imagine cyber intrusion on a large scale? What are the 7 top cyber-attack in the world?

  1. MafiaBoy caused a loss of $1 billion bucks:



Michael Calce known as MafiaBoy. In 2000, Calce, changed into simply a Canadian high school student once set to unharness a DDoS assault on variety of high-profile business websites collectively with Amazon, CNN and Yahoo!. He changed into later appreciated. As an end result of he changed into nevertheless a juvenile, Calce changed into sentenced in 2001 to 8 months in open custody, that means his actions and movements might be restricted. His on-line get admission to change into additionally restricted with the aid of using the court. Calce wrote a book about his suffering.



  1. Google China cyber-attack:

When headquarters in China discovered a source that showed the involvement of the Chinese government. Hackers had received get admission to many Google’s company servers and property changed into taken. Google entered the Chinese marketplace with WWW.google.cn in 2006 and capitulated to China’s demanding internet censorship regime. In March 2010, Google resettled its servers for google.cn to metropolis so as to flee China’s internet filtering policy.



  1. NASA and US department of defense hacked by teenager:

Jonathan James had controlled to penetrate the computer systems of a US Department of Defense department and positioned in a ‘backdoor’ on its servers. Using the taken info(passwords, usernames) , James changed was able steal a chunk of National Aeronautics and Space Administration laptop code that value the area exploration agency $41,000 as structures. “James changed into later caught however received a lightweight sentence due to the fact of his younger age. He dedicated suicide in 2008 once he changed into defendant of conspiring with different hackers to steal MasterCard info.


  1. Blocked phone lines to get a Porsche!


Kevin Poulsen is legendary for his add hacking into the la conversation system in an exceedingly bid to win a Ferrari on a radio competition. Poulsen secure his fulfillment as he took management of the smartphone community and correctly blocked incoming calls to the radio station’s range. He gained the Porsche however the law wedged to him and he changed into sentenced to 5 years in jail. Poulsen later have become the senior editor for IT safety publication, Wired News.




  1. Hacker targets religious systems:

In Jan 2008, a New Jersey stripling in conjunction with a gang of hackers released a DDoS assault that halting the Church of faith internet site for many days. The cluster is dubbed Annoymous and is stanchly towards the ‘religion’. Dmitry Guzner, World Health Organization changed into nineteen years previous, changed into charged and responsible for the DDoS assault. The utmost penalty changed into ten years jail and a $250,000 fine however he changed into in the end sentenced to 2 years’ probation and changed into ordered to pay the Church of faith $37,500. A 2nd guy has been charged for the assault


  1. The genus Melissa virus (1999):

It was a very simple virus that ended with a cost of $80 million in damage. The genus Melissa virus might infect Microsoft Word documents and automatically spread itself as an email attachment. It’d send to the number one fifty names indexed in associate inflamed laptop’s Outlook electronic mail cope with box .Melissa’s creator, said he had no intention of virus causing damage to computers , but he remains under arrest and a 20 month prison sentence.


  1. Hacker steals tens of several MasterCard details (2009):

T Gonzales, a hacker from Miami, responsible for one of the largest fraud cases in US history. Gonzales changed into answerable for protection tens of several MasterCard and open-stop credit numbers from over 250 money establishments. It hacked the payment card network from companies including the convenience store chain 7-Eleven.


Today, due to the high rate of internet penetration, cyber security is one of the world’s biggest needs. The government and citizens should spread awareness among the people to always update the system and network security settings and use a suitable anti-virus so that the system and network security settings remain free from viruses and malware.


Is there a possibility of using this technology to carry out wars between countries in the future?

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